These are a few of the emotions confronted when a couple is told that they cannot conceive a child. When the doctor calls to give you this life changing news, you feel as if the whole world has just collapsed around you. You do not know what to do, where to turn, or what to think. You feel anger, pain, and sorrow. So you turn to family and friends for comfort and support, unfortunately despite all their generous love and support, it always feels as if no one understands exactly what you are going through. So again, you feel lost and find that the only comfort comes from one another.

These are normal emotions we all feel and in order to move on, we must treat this situation like the loss of a loved one, someone whom you love but will never have the chance to meet. You must learn to cope with the loss and you must make a decision to either live in denial or to turn the situation around and make the most of it. For us, it took a couple of years before we came to a clear decision in our life. We decided that we were going to actively turn the situation around and approach this not as a negative mark on our life, but as a positive change which we will use to move forward. We decided to take all the negative energy and turn it into a positive outcome. We knew all along that we would choose adoption over the lengthy, expensive IVF treatments, but we needed the time to accept our loss and prepare ourselves to embark on a new journey. We wanted our adoption experience to be a joyful one and we did not want to accept adoption as a substitution for not having biological children, but rather as our choice for starting a family.

When you feel broken, crushed, shattered, and torn it is often difficult to look past the defects and find the beauty. This is what this website is about. It is about finding the beauty in unexpected places. It is about taking control and creating your own future. It is about finding hope in situations that seem hopeless and about exploring ideas, exposing truths, and changing lives.

We have created this website as a way to document our journey to adoption while featuring works of art and design pieces, some of which we will be selling in the hopes of raising the funds necessary to make our adoption dreams a reality. Thank you for taking the time to join us on this journey and a special thanks to our family and friends for all their support.