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It’s been awhile since our last post. We have been super duper busy with the baby and work. But that does not mean we have forgotten about designforadotion. We have started to compile a list of sites where you can shop and help others, or donate to help others, or simply read about those helping others. As we gather more sites, we will be updating the list. Also if you have any recommendations please forward. We are looking for design related people or companies helping other people.

Check out our new page!
People Helping People

Check out our new products available for sale on our Products Page, just in time for the Holidays. There are various prints available including Field of Disturbance which was exhibited at City Hall.

This Holiday Season give a gift to someone that will double your good will. If you buy one or both of our books between now and November 30th, you can use the Promo Code BIGTEN when you check out and you will receive $10 off your order of one of our books or a 20% discount off your order of two or more books. What better way to give this holiday season! You can share a one of a kind art book with someone you love, while knowing that a portion of the sales will be donated to help us bring a child into our family. Its a win win situation.

By G Zamir Garcia

We are excited to announce the sample prints have just arrived and they look fantastic! We have 8×10’s, 12×12’s, and 9×20’s. Available soon online! Please look back to see what is available within the next couple of days! There will also be some new work available!

Plus we also have the ability to print larger sizes on canvas. First one has already been sold!

Exciting things are in the works! We have been extremely busy the past few weeks. Aside from making diagrams to explain the adoption process and sending out adoption grant applications, we have been seeking out the best way to bring to you affordable art to decorate your walls. Soon we will have available for purchase art prints of some of the work that is featured in the books as well as some new artwork never before shown. If you are interested in purchasing a print of a particular painting please let me know.

To see more work visit Zamir’s website

Also if you have not purchased your copy of the books, please do so at  our bookstore on Blurb  and remember with all your purchases, part of the proceeds will go directly to help fund our adoption expenses.

designforadoption Blurb Bookstore

Plus if you live in Philly, be on the look out for local art exhibits with designforadoption work.

Many Thanks to everyone for all of your support and well wishes. Since we launched the site earlier this week we have had 700 hits! That is fantastic. We are super excited to keep sharing our story! Please look for new posts  and products soon! Thank you again for all your support and please spread the word.  The blurb site has had quite a bit of activity as well. We have received hits from all over the world, including Canada, Spain, Hong Kong, and Korea.

We are excited to announce our new Products page featuring the first two products produced through designforadoption. We are thrilled to offer two books created by Zamir featuring his art work and sketches. Both books can be purchased to help contribute to our adoption fund and please check back frequently, there are a lot more exciting products to come soon!

By G Zamir Garcia


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