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We are excited to announce that several of our paintings have been selected to be on exhibit at the Art By Architects exhibit at the Center for Architecture in Philadelphia! The exhibit will be on display from October 24th – November 18th. This exhibit is held once a year to raise money to help fund the center’s public programs to educate the public on architecture, urban planning, and design. The paintings will be available for sale at the exhibit and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Center for Architecture and 50% go towards our adoption fund. More information on the exhibit will be posted as it becomes available.

My wife was interviewed on local television when she attended the Memorial Tribute to Steve Jobs at the Apple Store. She spoke about how his personal life resonated with us since he was adopted and we are future adoptive parents.

Interview on NBC News

We are sad to hear about the death of Steve Jobs today, co-founder of Apple Computers. We have lost one of the most innovative minds of our lifetime.While reading his obituary we found out that he was adopted. His biological parents were Syrian and American and he was adopted by an American couple. This proves to us that adoption should not hold anyone back from achieving their maximum potential; every child deserves this chance in life.

Unfortunately we have a correction to make about our previous crib post. The Loom Crib is actually made in China. After publishing the blog we sent the link to the customer service representative we were speaking with at Nurseryworks and she informed us that the Loom Crib is not made in USA but in fact made in China. This was surprising to us since a few websites selling the crib listed it as Made in USA. So the lessen learned is don’t believe what online stores write about the products they are selling (peddling!) and make sure to ask the manufacturer.

However, now we have to decide if we can live with a crib made in China or find something else. A friend of ours found a good tip in the book “Baby Bargains” which basically said that 90% of baby furniture is made in China so if the furniture company is reputable then likely the furniture made in China will be fine. That being said there are companies that don’t use China to manufacture their furniture, for example Oeuf makes their cribs in Latvia. There are a few small percentage that still make their cribs in the USA and most of them are over $1000 price tag. El Greco cribs though, which are sold through Land of Nod, are made in the USA and definitely below the $1000 mark.

As for what we are going to do, we aren’t sure. We read through the safety data of Nurseryworks and they’ve never had any recalls on their products, they are doing their part for the environment, and the design is quite nice. We have not decided what we will do, so we thought we would put the question to you.

Designforadoption is pleased to announce that one of our paintings has been selected for an exhibit at Philadelphia City Hall featuring local artists.

The exhibit theme is “Follow the Line” and features work that explores the “Line” in art. One of the new pieces which we will soon make available for sale has been selected.

The new work is based on explorations featured in our book “Lines+Circles”.

The exhibit starts on October 10th and will be on display until December 2nd, at Philadelphia City Hall. There will be an opening reception on October 19th 5-7pm.

Exciting things are in the works! We have been extremely busy the past few weeks. Aside from making diagrams to explain the adoption process and sending out adoption grant applications, we have been seeking out the best way to bring to you affordable art to decorate your walls. Soon we will have available for purchase art prints of some of the work that is featured in the books as well as some new artwork never before shown. If you are interested in purchasing a print of a particular painting please let me know.

To see more work visit Zamir’s website

Also if you have not purchased your copy of the books, please do so at  our bookstore on Blurb  and remember with all your purchases, part of the proceeds will go directly to help fund our adoption expenses.

designforadoption Blurb Bookstore

Plus if you live in Philly, be on the look out for local art exhibits with designforadoption work.


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